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Engineering is the creative application of principles to designs, productions, analysis, and assembly of works for a variety of practical functions such as building cars or buildings. A professional practitioner of this field is called an Engineer. One is required to have a license for him to be a certified registered engineer. (see more at Engineers Australia)

This field of science has a wide variety of branches which deals with specific areas such as financing, designing and building aircrafts (Aerospace), roads and buildings (Civil / Architectural), computers and electronics (Electrical), machines and vehicles (Mechanical), medical devices (Biomedical) and a lot more including automotive finance. Engineers’ important task is to determine and at the same time interpret through thorough comprehension the constraints on a specific design to be able to come up with a successful result within the finance capacity available. When in fact that there are still some requirements to consider being able to achieve quality outcome, designs should be given a generous time to accomplish the desired result.

All countries have different organizations and institutions that focus on the welfare of the engineering field in their respective nations. Engineering in Australia, like many other countries, caters to a wide array of engineering disciplines. One organization that is known to be the national body for all engineering areas is the Engineers Australia. Formerly called The Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust), this organization is dedicated to the advancement of the engineering field in the whole of Australia as well as the professional development of all its members. It has over 79,000 members and 27,000 of which are students but the total number coming from all areas of engineering from automotive to structural. The organization works together with the Australian government, as well as industries and tertiary education providers to promote engineering, skilled immigration (and visa requirements) and be part of its progress. Engineering in Australia proves field excellence in every discipline. The skills and quality presentation of ideas by Australian Engineers show the valuable contribution of engineering in the industry and have been applied from industries as diverse as car companies and the London Underground

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